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When you need window tinting in or around Perth and you need it done properly, all you have to do is call the professionals at Glass Tinting W.A. Our helpful, detail-oriented staff can tint your windows to utter perfection, on time and at very competitive rates.

Window tinting experts

Perth’s own Glass Tinting W.A offers a range of tinting services for both commercial and residential clients. We’ve been helping customers to save money and enhance their homes’ safety since way back in the 1990s, and you can always rely on our mobile window tinting services for quick and easy installation. We service Perth and surrounding areas, and we can make it out to your location in no time at all to get started.

Our skilled and friendly team have more than 20 years of window tinting experience under their belts, and pride themselves enormously on offering the highest standard of customer service so what are you waiting for? Call 0414 914 441 today to see why our customers love us!

Benefits of Window Tinting

At Glass Tinting W.A, we use high-quality, durable products made especially for us in the United States. Tinted windows are ideal for any space in your building, and are the perfect way to add extra privacy to your home. If you live on a busy street, window tinting can help your peace of mind immeasurably.

Tinting can also limit the sun’s more detrimental effects. Sun exposure adds up over time, especially if your desk is perched right next to a window. The installation of superior tinting can help protect your skin from harmful UV rays without having to sacrifice the view you

Speaking of views, why give burglars a free exhibition of your belongings? Tinted windows can deter criminals from your home or business, making it much harder for potential miscreants and vandals to see inside.

Furthermore, you can lower your energy bill simply by installing tinted windows! Tinted windows block out just the right amount of sunlight to keep your home cooler in the summertime, leaving you free to take it easy on the air con. Your initial investment will save you money on your electricity bill for years to come.

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You can't go wrong with tinted windows. Add to your quality of life & call 0414 914 441 for a free quote.
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